• What is a Kolschbier (Kolsch)?

    Kolschbier is a popular “warm weather beer” and German classic. The name Kolsch (pronounced “kelsch”) is derived from its location… Koln, Germany (or Cologne for us Yanks).

  • What is Beer?

    I think Ben Franklin gives us the best definition of what beer is….

  • Is There Formaldehyde in Beer?

    This question was recently submitted by a reader, and to tell you the truth I did not know much about the formaldehyde in beer issue. My initial reaction was “of course there is not formaldehyde in beer”, but as I dug deeper into the research I began to grow concerned.

  • What is a Porter?

    The porter has a very interesting history and a fair amount of disagreement on what it is and should be, leaving the question of exactly what is a porter beer?.

  • What is the Reinheitsgebot German Purity Law?

    Well, the first step is to learn how to say Reinheitsgebot…. “Rine-Hites-gaBoat” is the best pronunciation I could find. Of course some native German speaker will probably correct this, but its pretty darn close. So now that we can pronounce the word, lets get into what its all about.

  • Famous (and not so famous) Beer Quotes

    Beer – and beer quotes – have been around since the early days of civilization, and throughout that history there has never been a shortage in the discussion (or consumption) of beer.

  • What are the main ingredients in beer?

    This question was asked by an individual looking to brew beer at home. Even though it is geared towards brewing, it is still a good description of the main ingredients of beer.

  • What is the difference between an ale and a lager?

    In the most basic classification scheme, there are two main types of beer. No, its not “tastes great” / ”less filling”- they are ales and lagers. Ales, the oldest beers in the world, have been around thousands of years longer than lagers.

  • What is a Stout?

    The Stout was traditionally a stronger full-bodied variety of a porter, called a “stout porter” or “stouter”, but soon emerged as its own very popular style.