Hotels Using Craft Beers To Attract Business -

Hotels Using Craft Beers To Attract Business

I have seen this in my travels lately and must say I am very happy to see it catching on.  Many hotels have been offering great local craft beers for a while now, but seeing them actually get into the brewing business can only be good (for beer lovers that is).  The more small, local brewing that gets going the more comfortable folks will get with it and just maybe try something besides Bud Light.

Hotels use craft beers, tastings to attract business
A number of hotels are getting into the brewing business, either heavily promoting craft beer at social hours or working with local breweries to have their own beers made.

Beer Travel Tip

Even if your hotel does not brew their own, the hotel bar is a great place to start your search for some good local brews.  I usually start at the hotel bar and order a few of the local brews.. it has been a great way to get a quick sample of the local offerings and I can also ask the bartender what are some of the better local breweries to try out.  I have found they are much more likely to tell me other places to try if I have already sampled a few at the hotel and they they will still be getting a tip 😉

This worked out perfectly during a recent trip to Vancouver.  I stayed at the Hyatt Regency, one of my favorite upscale hotel chains by the way, and went to the bar after checking in.  I spent about an hour there and sampled a few local brews, most notably Granville Island Brewery.  The ones I tried were great and I now had my first brewery to head out and find… very easy.

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Have you stayed at one of the hotels that brew thier own beer?  What did you think?

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